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: +92300-7552828
Head-Office II chundrigar Road M16
Saima Trade-Tower Khi.
Timing Monday To Saturday
9:00AM, 6:00PM

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Send And Recieved Your Money By RIA

Send And Recieved Your Money By RIA

|USD  BUY: 0.00SELL: 0.00

|GBP  BUY: 241.50SELL: 244.00

|AED  BUY: 50.00SELL: 51.00

|SRA  BUY: 49.00SELL: 50.00

|EUR  BUY: 201.00SELL: 203.00

|TRK  BUY: 0.00SELL: 0.00

|CAD  BUY: 147.00SELL: 149.00

|SGD  BUY: 134.50SELL: 136.50

|AUS  BUY: 136.00SELL: 138.00

|JPY  BUY: 1.42SELL: 1.46


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26 H&H exchange branch & franchise in all our pakistan. find a nearest HNH exchange

Our Services


HNH exchange provides the most swift and secured telegraphic transfer services for the convenience of our customers.

Currency Exchange

Pakistan HNH currency exchange aims to provide exceptional currency exchange services with updated and competitive rates.


Pakistan HNH currency exchange sells and purchases Demand Drafts at economically competitive exchange rates.

Receive or Send Money

Receive or Send Money With branches all over Pakistan HNH exchange provides the most convenient services to send or receive money.

Our Currency Rates

Currency rate

Rates are indicative and subject to change with prior notice. For Information please Call (111-440-044),
USD 0.00 0.00 23 May 17:19
GBP 241.50 244.00 21 Apr 12:25
AED 50.00 51.00 21 Apr 12:28
SRA 49.00 50.00 21 Apr 12:27
EUR 201.00 203.00 21 Apr 12:24
TRK 0.00 0.00 01 Apr 10:36
OMN -- --- --:--
BHR -- --- --:--
KWT -- --- --:--
CAD 147.00 149.00 21 Apr 12:26
SGD 134.50 136.50 21 Apr 12:29
AUS 136.00 138.00 21 Apr 12:31
JPY 1.42 1.46 21 Apr 12:27
RMB -- --- --:--

TT/DD Rates

InterBank Rate

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About Us


H&H Exchange Co (Pvt.) Ltd, feels pleasure in introducing ourselves that we are the very first Exchange Company in Pakistan, by virtue of first Commercial License No 01, dated November 2002, issued by the (State Bank of Pakistan), Karachi. Registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (Registration No. K-09017 dated September 17, 2002), under section 32 of the Companies Ordinance 1984, based on the authority of State Bank of Pakistan vide F.E. Circular No. 9 July 30, 2002. H&H Exchange Co (Pvt.Ltd), is one of the prominent exchange company in Pakistan with strong financial and professional expertise of devoted management.